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Welcome to http://juzalifeofaschoolgurl.blogspot.com :D
Monday, October 13, 2008Y

hey people!
just revived my DEAD blog :D

im off to watch 篮球火 :D

1:53 AM

Tuesday, October 30, 2007Y

now having a swollen ankle. all because of this guy yesterday!
well, yesterday had this drama night where we had to act in the play-
wo he chun tian you ge yue hui.
all was well (: except that tingchiang part was cut off coz he could'nt run fast enough.
anyway, its quite good.
oh ya.
this guy was carrying the coffee table which was one of our props and smash ,the top came out and landed on my ankle.
so great rite?
now i have to walk round with a swollen ankle!

11:34 PM

Thursday, October 25, 2007Y

release of results! (:
english- b3 (65)
higher chinese-a2 (70)
maths-a1 (95)
science-a1 (85)
geography-a1 (79)
history-a1 (87)
literature-a2 (71)
d & t-a2 (73)
home economics-a1 (77)
visual arts-a1 (78)
acc-a1 (100)
get top again (: woohoo~gonna ask my aunt to reward me (:(:
5th in the whole school too!!
im just too happpy for words!
oh ya.
im also a councilor now (:
today's the best day ever man!~

11:07 PM

Friday, October 12, 2007Y

links and tagboard are all gone.
promise will be back really soooooooon!

5:20 AM

Thursday, October 11, 2007Y

yea! im back! (:
haha.haven posted since Aug 19. o.O
well, i've benn busy.
let me just summarise eoys.
maths p1-guess im one of the few to finish the paper.(:haha.its quite tough though.
hist-ok-ok ba. (:
math p2-ok (:
acc-haha. a 30 min paper and i used only 5 mins! woohoo!
so that's that for the eoys. (:
now. chinese drama.
wo he chun tian you ge yue hui.
to me, this show is kinda sad and heartwarming as teacher says.
unlike other stories.
im acting as one of this middle-aged woman with two others who recount back the past,
like the wan hui,
blah blah
and how each of them or rather us find their true love or watever things.
then there will be 4 others acting as young us (:
one died so cannot recount.
its kinda confusing la, i dun even get the full idea now.
but dun care la (:
any my part shud be just sit there and talk talk den sing songs (:
easy, compared to the four young us who have to sing and dance and debi who also has to dance (:
jiaen has generously lend me her vcdon some 1960's show to let me understand things that was in the past.
like their behaviour sort of thing.
cause i just dunno those 60's people their behaviour sort of things.
thx jiaen!
well, i really hope that i can do my part well, seeing that i have stage fright and sucks at acting (:
lets pray that lady luck's on my side! (:
st john tmr,
and they said to bring $30 for uniform.
are we getting our uniforms tmr?
i really hope so (:

5:31 AM

Sunday, August 19, 2007Y

gosh. friday's st john was just OMG.
had history test till 2.40pm.
and since we had to fall-in at 2.30pm for st john,
me and huei ying decided to ponn till 3.15pm (:
den er normal lor.
first aid lesson.
st john test scored 17/45 when we were supposed to past with a score of 27 and above. LOL =p
den drill.
learned a new drill.
or watever it is.
dunno how to spell.
den had cheering session, supposed to have p.t.but the floor was wet (:
den sgt tian qing had a call!
called us back to fall in at grand audi!
sir royston wan tekan(sabo us or watever it is, it means BAD) us!
so we fall in.
really really poor xueli
den we had to fill our bottles.
3min nia.
i mean how many ppl?!
and there was only one water cooler tt was nearet to d&t block.
and it was spoilt. =.=
so i ling ji yi dong den told them to go toilet fill.
guys nvr fill coz they dun wan go girls toilet. LOL.
lyk they nvr go before when they were little toddlers.
so er.
xueli told sir
den sir gave us 3 more mins.
den went to fall in.
den sir was lyk FIERCELY teaching xueli how to conduct water exercise, or watever it is.
and xueli made us drink half a bottle each!
wee ping drank the fastest.
i felt lyk so bloated lor.
den because
jia wei,joel and gregory
cannot fall-in for dunno wat reasons,
they still had to drink the water
so in total,
they had to drink 3/2 of the water.
but xueli told them to divide the bottle into 3 parts and drink.
den sir scold her.
poor xueli.
and he ask xueli to answer questions tt she dunno how to answer even.
those stupid stupid questions.LOL
i mean, xueli was just being easy!!
lyk if they had to refill water, we had to go to, if not sir will be lyk
@#$%&%$#@#$%&. LOL.
den went to art room fall in.
did drills.
the kekenan-rulus part,
wee ping wanted to touched dunno whose chest,
den sir saw and scold him,
den wee ping laugh,
den oh-too-bad-for-him-who-ask-he-laugh- knock it down
xueli was luaghing too,
im not blind can?
i was silently giggling (:
den did turning drills.
with eyes closed.
i was lyk turning and turning and turning and turning.
yea. and turning.
i felt giddy.
den all the other seniors were also there.
stress lor.
den er after tt,
sir inform us tt we pass our BFA,
and we are getting our uniforms soon (:
den er
he said tt nxt week he will come again,
and tekan us.
den after tt
important part.
sharon ask xueli to choose and ic for nxt week training.
den i heard and i whispered to xueli
and erm
those st john squadmates,
pls try to rmb those seniors appointments
and tell me too (:
coz i haven got a clue.

1:31 AM

Saturday, July 28, 2007Y

hi guys~
birthday yesterday (:
sweet 13, as geraldine told mi (:
haha. im so hyper!
but well, (:
got 15 birthday sms-es!
and lots of prezzies!
love it!

10:28 PM